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Teaching Commission



The Teaching Commission controls the structure and contents of the courses. It suggests appropriate changes and additions, allocates teaching responsibilities among professors and researchers. It also coordinates the activities to help  students to find their appropriate degree, in accordance with their background and schools of origin.

Within the Teaching Commission there are different Committees:

  • Teaching Joint Committee
  • Teaching Programming Committee
  • Teaching Internationalization Committee
  • Targeting Committee



  1. Bagliani Marco (Member)
  2. Cacciatore Rossella (Member)
  3. Carota Cinzia (Member)
  4. Contini Dalit (Member)
  5. Dalmazzone Silvana (President)
  6. Geuna Aldo (Member)
  7. Giofré Maela (Member)
  8. Guerzoni Marco (Member)
  9. Mornati Fiorenzo (Member)
  10. Palea Vera (Member)
  11. Patrucco Pier Paolo (Member)
  12. Privileggi Fabio (Member)
  13. Revelli Federico (Member)
  14. Sau Lino (Member)
  15. Scagni Andrea (Member)
  16. Raverta Irene (Member)


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